Revised 7/4/20 Natalie: Re scapegoat article; ...The ABC may be the most trusted outlet but it is not the most read, viewed or listened to yet those who listen to trusted news outlets like the ABC are often ignorant of the influence and range of the most read outlets. It's like another world. I don't think the news is the whole story though. The issue of bathroom supplies is strange. Why is there such a shortage?

Dominic: re scapegoat article. I wonder about toilet supplies. In our area there have been next to no supplies for weeks. I read somewhere (think it was an article from ABC!) that rationing like in the war wouldn't work now because we were too selfish! Well I think humans have always been selfish! A percentage at least. Couldn't some committee with all our technology, have worked on rationing as soon as stories first ran?

Nijah: re scapegoat article. There has been rationing (in stores) but it has changed from one place to the next. You just keep going and hope but the shelves are bare. I've been 3 weeks in a row and got nothing. Stores can limit sales to whatever they want. They do it all the time with their specials but food and groceries are serious. Why have they been left to stores?