Refugee Package (also see Maggie Power art project)

  Saturday 25th July, 2020

UPDT. 25/7/20 This refugee curriculum material is inspired by the very moving short story by the late Maggie Power. We wanted to do justice to Maggie's story by the development of curriculum material that would enable its widest spread and impact. We also wanted to look at the Australian refugee policies and attitudes that have led to so much international and local censure.

We hope you will find our material useful. Please give us your feedback and suggestions for improvements or additions. The SBD team.

Please Note:
On the late Maggie Power’s instructions, any monies derived from her story are to go the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Vic. School by Design is publishing it at the request of the owner and is publishing it for free. It is covered by the usual copyright laws but we have included a donate link to ASRC to fulfill these expectations.
Donate to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Vic.

All our resource material is free unless stated otherwise and there is currently no material for purchase on the site. We do not allow public reprinting of our material in print or digital form except under the normal sampling copyright exemptions and attribution is required in the normal way. Printing for classroom use and/or refugee use is unrestricted. Attribution here would also be appreciated.


  1. 'Under the Frangipani Tree'-last work by the late Maggie Power
  2. Text study of Under the Frangipani Tree; comprehension-analysis-discussion and writing ideas by SBD team
  3. 'Refugees' curriculum resource by SBD team for middle to senior students- issues relating to boat arrivals, government policy and commentary, arguments

Contents of Part 3. Issues: Refugee resource

  1. Who is a refugee?
  2. Refugee causes/choices
  3. Australia then and now-changes in government attitude to boat arrivals
  4. Government commentary-a new style in official language
  5. Queue jumpers, illegals...truth or just name-calling?
  6. 'Stricter treatment towards boat arrival?' For /against
  7. 'Offshore detention?' For/against
  8. 'Permanent ban on resettlement in Australia for boat arrivals' For/against
  9. Other controversies—summary of administration issues
  10. Summary-some of the issues-some discussion topics
  11. Australian Offshore detention-selection short facts (SBD)-our summary
    (Cont’d) Australian Offshore detention-short facts (SBD)-our summary
  12. Figures at a glance- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  13. Data public opinion-a graph Lowy Institute
  14. Sources
  15. Photo sources


Current or ongoing issues

  Monday 27th July, 2020

This is a new but ongoing project. We refresh a list of current or ongoing issues then add a comment or link as we find them.

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