Current or ongoing issues

  Monday 27th July, 2020

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This list includes the following but not all have comments and links yet. It will be a work in constant progress.
  • 'Uluru statement from the heart'
  • Should young children be imprisoned?
  • 'Black lives matter' classroom resource
  • 'Closing the Gap'
  • Victoria's dramatic spread of coronavirus
    education, suppression or elimination?
    blame' responses
    underlying issues
  • Refugee visas for Hong Kong citizens
    appropriate/not appropriate?
    purpose(s): to provoke China, support Trump (and perhaps get a seat in G7)
    compassion and/or a principled stand against an imperialist force?
    consistent government policy or inconsistent? Wouldn't this make HK protesters 'queue jumpers'?
  • General Chinese/Australian relations
  • General refugee issues- conditions of detained refugees
  • Gender issues
  • Climate change