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  Monday 27th July, 2020

This is a new but ongoing project. We refresh a list of current or ongoing issues then add a comment or link as we find them.

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Refugee Package (also see Maggie Power art project)

  Saturday 25th July, 2020

UPDT 25/7/20. This refugee curriculum material is inspired by the very moving short story by the late Maggie Power. We wanted to do...

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Maggie Power classroom art project

  Thursday 16th July, 2020

Maggie Power Tribute and resulting art project for classroom teachers. 'Grid It and Collaborate' Suit any level art class but not...

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'Labor Party Results in Australia lead to Surprising International Comparisons'

  Friday 26th June, 2020
  Author: Bernice Kelly

A 'rout', a 'humiliation'? 'The 2019 Australian May election saw a sitting conservative government returned with a majority of one seat....

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Part 2. Stockpiling? Latest information may throw a new light on media stories and the 'selfish public'.

  Friday 3rd April, 2020

See Part 1. Australians: 'thoughtless', 'stupid', 'mean' or scapegoats?

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Part 1. Australians: 'thoughtless', 'stupid', 'mean' or scapegoats?

  Sunday 1st March, 2020

Swimming at Bondi, selfish hoarding, raiding country stores, ignoring advice. Thousands of us, it seems, are thoughtless, stupid, mean or...

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Q&A 17th Feb 2020 Trust'

  Wednesday 19th February, 2020

Mon 17 Feb 2020. Q&A 'All About Trust'. Was the 'trust' concept behind this episode of Q&A all that it seemed? Questions are crucial....

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