"Queen Tootsie"- the script

  Wednesday 17th July, 2019
  Author: Allan Goedecke
  Categorised: primary, script, play

Junior secondary classes should love this script. It is great for analysing language, intentions, morals and literary devices, for having fun dashing around, shouting and fleeing or for making gorgeous costumes. The princesses are a pig, a giraffe and a panda and they need some costumes too.

The script has a fairy tale setting that is traditional and familiar and could lead naturally into discussions about bullying, violence or threats of violence but watch out for the message at the end. It is not traditional at all. A (smidgen) of thanks to Lewis Carroll.

(The script has been successfully trialled in some Victoria primary schools but we do not promote our site in the primary sector so very few students would have seen it.)