Generalisations (30/03/20) See above for more extended pieces.
Toilet paper panic. Is the 'public' selfish? Media Watch ABC 9/3/20 Was the early saturation reporting from the outlets shown here, 'reporting' or 'promoting' in your view? If promotion, what might be the purpose in encouraging a run on food and other essential items? What could that achieve? Could anyone benefit?

(Not so much a generalisation but related)
Re Busloads' of shoppers. Perhaps we're not horrible after all! Are 'busloads' of shoppers (allegedly Asians) stripping regional shelves? 'Coles, Woolworths and Aldi say they are not aware of any bus tours of Asian tourists sweeping into regional towns to panic buy coronavirus supplies despite reports to the contrary.' Guardian Australia 21/3/2020

If false, as above appears, why would a government minister and a media outlet be involved with such an unpleasant story? Can a story turn into fact? Putting aside the rascist overtones, the story alerts members of the public to the possibility that they may find goods if they drive further.

News may be false in the first place yet turn into reality. A week of persistent stories about shelves being stripped creates a fear of shortage. It has been reported that toilet paper was not depleted in Italy but was in England, Australia and America where NewsCorp (the outlet referred to in the Media Watch episode as having stressed the initial story) has outlets and wide coverage.

There is a deeper issue. Is it unreasonable to stockpile goods when being told of possible lockdowns?

Coming soon. School by Design wishes to announce a major literary event. It will shortly be our privilege and honour to publish the last work by the late Maggie Power, a highly respected writer and EAL teacher who recently worked as an upper primary integration aide with detention centre and refugee children on Nauru Island.

Maggie never recovered from the sadness and illness that beset her on her return and she will be enormously missed. This work ‘Lunchtime Under the Frangipani Tree’ is a moving, accessible short story that will give every Australian- student or not- a deeper understanding of a major issue. We appreciate it at many levels, for its characters, its insight and its understanding of how to tell a dramatic tale. Class exercises will follow shortly but teachers, if you are developing some of your own, we would love your assistance.

Australian post-election headlines. Straightforward or misleading? Fair or unfair? Convincing or ineffective?
'Labor defeat is humiliating'..'Bill Shorten had six years to prepare for victory and he failed miserably' Source
‘if you can call leader of the Opposition, after an election rout, a prize’ Source
'As the Labor party reeled from its disastrous result' Source
'The Australian people rejected the class warfare, climate alarmism and identity politics of Labor' Source
'Actually, we went backwards in seats that have been held by Labor' Anthony Albanese Labour new leader Source

An outsider might wonder whether some of these headlines referred to a totally different election. Even the Labor leader seems to be finding the most pessimistic interpretation. The headlines suggest there was an election massacre yet ... Why do you think the writers might see or want to see, a one seat victory as a 'rout'?..continued
(Bernice has written a persuasive piece with a quite different perspective. The first few paragraphs would give you the gist. Would suit senior English or politics students or highly motivated middle school or juniors.)

News 24/7/2019

Welcome back (if you have been on holidays) and hope you are feeling wonderfully relaxed although our topical and important issue might get you... unrelaxed?

News 01/07/2019

Here in Australia, we are getting close to mid-winter. Our federal elections are now finished and the results were close with the conservative Liberal Party Coalition winning by one seat....Continued

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