Short Stories

Goedecke Allan

Savage, Jackie

Sparkes, Graeme

Brief Descriptions

Goedecke Allan

'Too Many Ears'

age 6-10; SBD 2017

Issues: Being different, bullying, self confidence, loneliness, prejudice, persistence, mentoring.

Splat! A ripe Jillipoo berry hit Henty right between the eyes. “Ouch! Not again.” It was Billy Butcher and his gang...

Earlings usually have three ears but Henty has six. Billy Butcher and his gang give Henty grief, he can’t get a job and worst of all, he is his father’s shame. Henty tries his luck in the city and hits near despair when a fortunate encounter with the astonishing Magnifica turns his life around.

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Savage, Jackie

'Wake up Little Suzie'

age13+; SBD 2017

Issues: adolescence, romance, class differences, social life, independence

Set about 50 years ago, this glimpse of teenage social life in a small English village is strangely innocent yet ...not. The village rector... Savage, Jackie

Sparkes, Graeme

'How My Father Dealt with Rental Arrears'

from 'You Never Met My Father' Jo Jo Publishing 2014

age15+ (VCE) ;

Issues: resilience, mental health, violence, gambling, poverty

'..Many family troubles (and many family strengths) came from the father's illness but so did many good stories!..' Sparkes, Graeme